viewfromtheroad_small.jpg frontandpartialsideview_small.jpg mainentrancetotheresidence_small.jpg
porchview_small.jpg sideview_small.jpg walkwayalongthesalmonriver_small.jpg
viewingareaoftheriver_small.jpg riverview_small.jpg commonlivingroomview1_small.jpg
commonlivingroomview2_small.jpg diningroomarea_small.jpg theadairfamily_small.jpg


These are a few photos showing you the Adair Place interior and exterior. Simply click on the first photo to begin viewing.

The look and feel of Adair Place is that of "home". A laid-back country atmosphere with the gently running Salmon River providing a wonderful backdrop. New members of our home move in as strangers but fast become part of our ever growing family. Come on in and enjoy a cup of tea! The pot is always on!